Zineb Sbai El Idrissi

Zineb Sbai El Idrissi

Zineb Sbai El Idrissi is a doctoral student at Ibn Tofail University and a cultural operator. She is currently director of the Alkhariqun collective of young Moroccan comic artists, which she co-founded in 2020. Born in 1994, she works between Rabat and Moulay Bousselham. After graduating with a master's degree specializing in art and media, Zineb Sbai El Idrissi began her career as a cultural operator, in 2017, at Cube - independent art room in Rabat. There, she held the positions of translator and art mediator for three years. Since 2020, she has been working with comics artists and taking charge of the direction of the Alkhariqun collective. Working closely with other institutions and cultural activists, her activity is centered on accompanying and promoting engaged art that questions meta-narratives, gives voice to new reflections and experiences, and informs the public.

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