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Salaeddine Naftahi is a Moroccan author who got his masters degree in Algebra. Born September 1994 in Casablanca, he has lived his whole life in Berrechid.  The Moroccan author lived his passion for Mathematics and Arts by multiplying his range of professional activities. In 2021, he became a graphic designer among the team of Alkhariqun.

His obsessions with world mythologies lead him to write his first story « سبعة » (Seven). Out of its fantasy world, he wrote novels that he published consecutively later on. In 2018, he published the first part of the story as a novel in Darija and Arabic called « لكتاب ــ هاينة وابريس » (The Grimoire – Heina and Abriss). In 2019, he published the second novel « لكتاب ــ جنان الصالحة » (The Grimoire – Jenan Saleha). The third novel is expected to come out in 2022 under the name of « لكتاب ــ سحور بحور » (The Grimoire – Shor Bhor).

Salaheddine Naftahi’s stories have an essential mythological dimension that enabled him to create a world of fantasy where all of his stories take place, including « زودياك 13 » (Zodiak 13), « ابن القمر الأسود » (The Black Moon Child), and « سبعة » (Seven), that are ready and yet to be published.


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