Book – Blooming Heroes –

This book has been produced by Alkhariqun. It plays the role of a mediator between artists, cultural agents, and the general public. It is first and foremost an attempt to democratize fine arts in Morocco. It focuses on works with great potential, and emerging artists who might become established in the near or far future. The driving force behind this project is to highlight the importance of young thinkers and innovators and emphasize their contribution to the well-being of society as well as to humanity as a whole.

It is available as a free downloadable product. The hard version is a limited edition. It is mainly for people who choose to support Alkhariqun productions and sustainability and enable it to carry on its mission.

29 artworks to feed your senses and brains!

  • 11 Comics
  • 10 Collages
  • 10 Illustrations
  • 2 Academic Articles


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