Ilyass Koundi

Ilyass Koundi

Ilyass Koundi is a graduate of the Fine Arts Institute of Tétouan, and a professional comic artist and storyboarder. He lives and works in Casablanca. He is best known for his gag strips, which he regularly shares on social media. In the creative process, the Moroccan artist relies on puns and oxymorons to playfully depict ironic and absurd scenarios. Global and local pop culture references, ranging from mythical tales to popular films and video game classics, are at the heart of Koundi's artistic practice. Koundi published his first comic book, Faraj l'oiseau de Tazmamart, as part of the BDaya program with the Alkhariqun collective. Since 2021, Koundi has been artistic director and editor of the collective, and has participated in the production and editing of the O'Story project, Alkhariqun series, Vessels and Blooming Heroes.

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