CHARAJAM, A Weekly Drawing Challenge that Reveals Talented Moroccan Youth

On June 2023, we launched a challenge titled CHARAJAM for our Facebook community. The principle was pretty simple. On a weekly basis, a theme would be launched to the community for each and everyone to express themselves in regards to the subject. 

We, the whole community of Alkhariqun, were pleased to see many talented and passionate participants taking up the challenge, and sharing their pieces with the community. Not only did the community enjoy sharing the art, but we did also enjoy watching it and connecting with the participants and their artistic experience. 

Some of the themes were related to momentary trends and current local or global concerns – like Eid El Adha and the Barbie x Oppenheimer wrestle -, while other topics were more reflective of the human conditions – like fear –  The results were interesting to say the least. Emotions and sometimes conflicting views would even ignite discussions within the group and the community. Of course, why would art matter if it were not for the collective and individual retrospections, in addition to the negotiation of social norms and contracts? 

The challenge went on for eleven weeks. Yes! 11 weeks, 11 themes! To give you all an overview of this first run of CHARAJAM, and honor the participants to the best of our abilities, we compiled an ebook that you can download, and enjoy… watching!

And to be crystal clear, all of the creations and illustrations of the challenge belong to the artists who made them. You will be able to discover who the artists are, and what they can do when given a pen and a drawing device. 

The ebook is free to download. And no worries about any digital malware, we got you! And trust is more important to Alkhariqun than anything else.

Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of the Challenge . And perhaps see you in the next CHARAJAM season!

Download CHARAJAM E-book Here

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